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Merging Social Media into the field of Online Dating

g214Personally on-line dating is not my cup of tea, and my boyfriend would kill me if I would consider it, but for some reason the phenomena itself keeps grabbing my attention. The basic concept of dating sites has not really changed a lot through the years, apart from the matchmaking algorithms that can differ from one site to another. On the average dating site, you can fill in a profile, upload a photo of yourself – preferably a photo showing you at your best of course – and fill in some extra personal information (the colour of your eyes, weight and height, sex preferences and so on). Based on this information your ideal match can be found. Continue reading


Can we find true love through the Internet?

heartkey-online-datingThe paper ‘Love At First Site’ [Dutch] provides insight in the influence of social and technological affordances of dating sites. What effect does this have on the self-representation? What does this mean for the relationship building? In addition to this research an analysis was made of the registration process of website Parship due to the fact that this registration process forms the fundamental basis of the self-representation on Parship.

For fun: CHECK out the epic I-net love story cartoon.